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Saturday, November 26, 2011

End to the First Nine Weeks

This post is rather late but I just had dental surgery. Therefore, I'm a little behind on everything. It's been rough. But enough about me.... let's talk about Emma.

On the 9th of November, Emma got her first report card. It was a lot better than what I expected. She's passing of course. She's managed to get a C in Math and a B in Reading. Her teacher is concerned because she has a hard time remaining on task and listening.

Once the healing is mainly over from my surgery, Emma will be visiting the doctor. She will go into therapy for the PICA as well as tests for ADHD. The school has made provisions for the PICA. I'm going to parent-teacher night to talk with her teacher. I have several things in mind to help Emma progress in school and do the best she can.

She loves school. When she comes home, she "teaches" her babies and teddy bears what she learned in school. It's just too cute.

Anyone else deal with PICA or ADHD with their children? I'm doing as much research on the subjects as possible so I can protect her and help her at the same time.

Thanks for reading the update.


autumn said...

Praying for Emma & i'm glad she loves school. Love u guys!

Camilleta said...

Well I haven't dealt with these particular problems but my general advice is find good support groups. I think it's really helpful for kids to talk to and make friends with other kids who are "different" and for parents to talk to other parents of kids with special needs. The support can be really helpful and gives a sense of community and normalcy. Good luck!


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