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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Pictures

She put up the tree with Daddy's help.
I just wanted to share some pictures of Emma with all of you. So Enjoy~

Daddy caught Santa
Waiting to Open her gifts
Now every year before we open gifts, we have to say what we are thankful for. This gives us a moment to think about the past year. This also gives the chance for us to focus on each other and realize what means more to us. Well, this is Emma's response for this year.

Friday, December 16, 2011

My Child & A Bully

Just recently I learned my daughter was being bullied on her bus. I didn't realize this. I should have though. At the beginning of school, she loved it. She couldn't wait to go back. Then, all of sudden she hates school and wants hubby to take her if she HAS to go. Being a victim of bullying, I knew something was wrong but I didn't think my daughter would have to go through this in Kindergarten.

As hubby waited for her bus the other day, he saw her bus come around the corner and pull up. Our daughter was sitting a few seats back from the door, she stood and made her way to the front. When all of a sudden, a boy (either in fourth or fifth grade) stood up in front of her. Not letting her off the bus. He got into her face and told her: "I told you... you're a liar. Deal with it." Hubby said the look on our daughter's face was fear and sadness at the same time.

Being the father and a witness to this situation, he took action. He replied to this boy, "We don't teach her name calling. Therefore, I think you need to knock it off." The look this boy gave Hubby... ugh if looks could kill.... well I'm sure you get the picture.

I know that bullying in schools around the country have gotten worse. It's even came to the point where kids commit suicide or kids are harming each other. It's sad really and scary. No parent wants to learn their child is the victim. But what would you do if you found out your child was the one doing the bullying?

I know I better not find out Lil Miss does any type of bullying. Because she'll not only have to help the child during school and play with that child at recess, but she'd be grounded.... she'd loose any TV, Computer, or X-box privileges along with anything else I can think of that would be appropriate. I do not accept bullies in my house. Therefore, action would be taken to ensure she knows it wrong.

I mean take a look for yourself and see just how bad this is:

It gets worse:

What are you doing to ensure that bullying stops? This can't go on any longer. Stand together and lets put an end to this horrible situation that many kids face daily. Go sign the pledge now... and Help.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grandparents Breakfast

I had previously posted that my Mom was invited to Emma's school for Grandparents breakfast. While she was there, we ordered a picture of Emma and my Mom together. Well, we finally got it and I wanted to share it with all of you.

End to the First Nine Weeks

This post is rather late but I just had dental surgery. Therefore, I'm a little behind on everything. It's been rough. But enough about me.... let's talk about Emma.

On the 9th of November, Emma got her first report card. It was a lot better than what I expected. She's passing of course. She's managed to get a C in Math and a B in Reading. Her teacher is concerned because she has a hard time remaining on task and listening.

Once the healing is mainly over from my surgery, Emma will be visiting the doctor. She will go into therapy for the PICA as well as tests for ADHD. The school has made provisions for the PICA. I'm going to parent-teacher night to talk with her teacher. I have several things in mind to help Emma progress in school and do the best she can.

She loves school. When she comes home, she "teaches" her babies and teddy bears what she learned in school. It's just too cute.

Anyone else deal with PICA or ADHD with their children? I'm doing as much research on the subjects as possible so I can protect her and help her at the same time.

Thanks for reading the update.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Emma at the Doctors (Video)

Daddy took her to this one. It's too funny....

Monday, October 31, 2011

Meet Me On Monday- Blog Hop

Hope this post finds the reader doing well. Take a look at one awesome blog hop I'm doing today:


1. My current weather is _______?

2. What is your favorite sound?
3. What is the worst flavor of ice cream?
4. What magazine do you look for when you are stuck in the waiting room?
5. What is your favorite condiment?

My Answers:

My Current Weather is:
A little on the cold side but thankfully there's no rain or snow added into the mix.

My Favorite Sound is:

A Thunderstorm. I sleep like a baby when they hit at night. I just love cuddling up on the couch with my family watching movies or reading when one hits during the day.

My Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream is:

Cookies and Cream :)   Yummy!!

I normally don't look for a magazine. I pull out my Nook Color and read.

My favorite condiment would be

The Buda Family wanted to say

Did your kids dress up? I tried to get Emma too. But she didn't want to. We put her pretty costume on her and I even tried fixing her hair. I did her make up too. While I was fixing her hair, she complained that the costume was too itchy and the back kept coming unbuttoned. I thought she was just acting spoiled because she didn't want to stand as I fixed her hair.

Shortly after I gave up getting her ready, she took a nap. Her naps usually don't last that long so I decided to take one with her. Needless to say, we slept through trick or treating.

Hunny and I decided to just take her to Walmart and let her pick out some candy since she missed trick or treating. She could even wear the costume if she wanted. She decided not too.

When they came back, she had some pretty awesome looking candy. She chose fun dip (about 40 small pouches), a little lizard that gets squeezed and it's tongue pops out (candy was in a plastic piece in the bottom), and a tray of fingers, eyes, thumbs, and teeth (all candy). I'll post pictures of the tray. They are actually pretty cool looking.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun and Games while Learning to Read

For most parents, one task that seems over whelming at times is helping your child to learn how to read, count, recognize numbers, etc.

I've been working with my daughter with several activities that I'd like to pass on to my fellow readers who have little ones around the school age. They are inexpensive and easy to do.

Numbers in a Jar- Activity #1

Items Needed

Jar (any type) (several are needed)
Candy (any kind)

Directions: Place candy into the jar as child counts them. Once you reach a good number for their age, as them to take one out and tell you how many is in there. Keep doing this a few more times. Then, start adding the candy back in. This helps with counting, adding, and subtracting.

If you have several jars, fill them up with the candies at different levels. Ask the child which has more or less. Have them close their eyes, mix up the jars by moving them into different places, and ask again. This helps them learn more and less.

My daughter enjoyed this. She calls it the jar game.

Index Card Game Activity #2

Items Needed

Index Cards
Black Marker

This also became one of my daughter's favorite games.

We went through the alphabet and drew each letter on one side of the card. Next, I let her decorate the index card with the glitter. This gave the cards a nice look and they were unique flash cards for her to use later on when she knew her letters. I'd periodically quiz her with the cards to keep the alphabet in her mind.

Do you have any neat and fun activities you do with your child to help them learn?

Favorite Foto Friday- Halloweens Past

Time sure goes by quickly. There's not many Halloween photo's of my daughter from the past. We felt she was too young to enjoy the dressing up aspect of Halloween. Most would disagree with us on this but our parenting style is a bit different from the way we grew up.

Here is my daughter a few years ago dressed up as a bride princess.....

Here is a photo of myself and my sisters at my nieces birthday party..... Marti gras style.... (for them) I had to be the odd ball and dress goth.... I don't do dresses that well....

Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment to show you were here. *Thanks*

Red Ribbon Week at A.L Wilson

This week has been an interesting week. Red Ribbon Week. A.L. Wilson Elementary school takes pride in a drug free environment. My daughter enjoyed the activities they provided and she has come home every day excited from learning something more about saying no to drugs.

Today she has the opportunity to wear her favorite Halloween shirt along with her red ribbon. This past week she's had different activities to participate in which were fun for her. Monday she told me about an Officer talking with the students about drugs and told me that they are bad. She's had the opportunity to wear her favorite hat, tennis shoes, jogging outfit, etc.

I think A.L Wilson lives up to it's mission statement while providing quality education to their students. I'm proud to say that my daughter goes to this school.

Mission Statement: The mission of A. L. Wilson Elementary School is to provide high quality education that allows all students to achieve educational excellence through bridges being built between home and school.

My daughter has learned so much within the first nine weeks. They have considered her PICA disorder and made arrangements to provide her with the best care while she's in school.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Veteran's Day is Coming and AL Wilson will Honor Veterans :D

I can honestly say that I am proud my daughter attends Albert Gallatin School District.

When I went to school, I don't really remember having any military veterans coming to the school and talking with the students. I do remember recruiters but they were there mainly to do their job. Not to be honored.

So far in A.L. Wilson, I've helped gather items for our troops. Seen the school gather letters from the students about their family members who have served. Today we get a news letter telling us they would love for Military veterans to come to the school and share their experiences with their child's class. When my fiance saw the news letter, he got a huge smile on his face and said, "I'd love to do that."

They will also be having a display of Hero's Day Project. Each student brought home a form for all military family's to fill out and return to the school so they could be honored on Veteran's Day. Their name, rank, and what they were part of. (example: War with Iraq)

It's the small things people do that add a smile onto a veteran's face and make them proud for serving. Just the smallest token of appreciation shown is like saying "Thank you" a million times over.

***Please ask permission for use of the photo.***

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Contest- Decorate a Pumpkin at home....

Emma's school is holding a Halloween contest for the kids. They are asked to decorate a pumpkin and bring it to school tomorrow. We got her a nice pumpkin, figured out what she wanted on it, and we went to town. After a few wrinkles of the nose and a few noises (from the "gooey" stuff inside....) here's our finished product....

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Nine Weeks- 1/2 way over..... Update

Emma's Kindergarten Picture- So beautiful
For those of you who have been following along, I'm back to give another update. There's been so much going on with Emma and school. She just amazes me everyday. She's learning so quickly though we have come across some things she needs to focus on. We got her mid-way report card last week. She's passing her classes though there's one grade that bothers me. She as a C- in reading. One point lower and it will be a D.

I'm doing everything I can to help her reach the potential I know she has. We've purchased reading apps for the Nook to help her with the reading. I've made flash cards as well as taped the words to objects through the house. Such as.... stove, sink, chair, table, etc..... Hopefully seeing the words as she says them will help.

Last week they had a program where an African Dance & Drum Team came to the school. Emma really enjoyed this. She said they sang and danced. They were even in really pretty clothes.

This week is the book fair as well as Grandparents Breakfast. She's super excited for this. She loves books as well as her Me-maw which will accompany her Friday morning.

We will be working on carving Emma's first pumpkin for a school contest. Which she has to turn in on Friday. I think I'm just as excited as she is on this one.

The end of the first nine weeks is Oct 31 so I pray we get a good report. I've been working very hard with her.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Letter to a Veteran

Today Emma's school sent home a paper asking for all students to write a letter to honor a current or former Veteran which would be displayed on the local PA Career Link's "Wall of Honor." Here is Emma's letter....

My Daddy is awesome. His name is Greg but I like to call him Daddy. He's a veteran of the United States Marine Corp. Even though my daddy served before I was born, I'm still super proud of him. He worked in the field artillery and was trained as a sniper. He served in Iraq. 

My daddy is my hero. I love him so much. I'm happy to be his daughter and I'm proud to call him my daddy. 
(Thanks to Mommy for helping me write this.)

Emma's Up Coming Schedule is Exciting

Today when Emma came home from school, she brought with her... the Wednesday folder. This folder is used to send parents important newsletters and notices. I'm so excited to see what they have planned in October for the school.

One thing I'm proud to say is the school is having a Fire Fighters Breakfast. They will honor the local fireman during a breakfast. The students will sing songs, read poems, and kits for the firefighters. By doing this, they will be showing their gratitude for all the Fireman have done in our community. How awesome is this? I'm so glad that fireman aren't being forgotten. My cousin is a Fireman and has done it since he was a teen. His heart and strength is one to be noticed. Therefore, James Piper, my cousin, is one of my hero's.

The next event is the Grandparent Breakfast. We are excited for this one too. The children get to eat breakfast with their grandparent as well as have their picture taken. Emma's super excited for this one. She can't wait to show her Me-Maw off to her friends.

As always, Red Ribbon Week seems fun. Each day the students get to do something different and fun. Red Ribbon week is to basically say "No Drugs." Dressing her this week will be a blast for me.

The end of the first nine weeks is the last day in October. The school is having a attendance contest for students who have perfect attendance in each nine weeks and perfect attendance for the entire year. Emma wants to try hard to get her name in the hat for her chance to win the super prize. (Her words... not mine)

Well, that's the update. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Road to Reading

After Emma came home from school today, there was a note in her folder telling me of a few words that she needed to learn. This gave me the idea to do two things to try to help her learn. One would be to create basic word flashcards to go over with her every night. Second is that I wrote a letter to her teacher asking him for a list of the words he plans on teaching them. This way I can add them into the flash card pile.

I've done some research and found some awesome websites that help Kindergarten students learn to read. Emma just loves them. Google brought up a bunch of websites that were also very helpful.

What did you do to ensure your child was staying up with the rest of the class when it came to reading? All creative ideas are great. I'd love to learn some fun ways to help Emma learn how to read.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Joys of Childhood

Here we are again, Monday afternoon. Emma woke up in a rather great mood this morning even though she has an annoying cough that won't go away. She came home today in an awesome mood. She told me that she got several surprises within her homework folder to show me.

When she tells me this, I get excited. This means she's got some good paper/homework grades. Of course this is going to make all parents happy. Their children bringing home excellent grades.

We get into the house and she immediately begins her homework. (I didn't have to say anything to her) As I am going through her folder, I come across an envelope. I open it to find her first invitation to a classmates birthday party. So exciting. She's brain storming on different things she can get her little guy friend for his birthday.

I just love how willing she is to give to him for his birthday. It's great.

Well, thanks for reading. Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, September 23, 2011

School- Week Four

I'm really excited. Emma's progress in school is going great. Homework isn't such a battle anymore because it seems she's getting used to doing it.

One of the things I do with her to excite her as well as get her to behave, is this: I have a calendar just for her. I got stickers as well. For each day she does what she's supposed to do without an attitude, she gets to choose a sticker to place on the day on her calendar. This week, seems to be the first week since she's started school where she's got stickers every day. YAY!!

Fall pictures were taken this past Monday. She came home upset because her teacher made her stand on a chair. She said, "We aren't supposed to stand on the furniture. He made me do it." I told her that some times it's ok to do this. Especially when an adult tells you to. This seemed to calm her down.

I'm very proud of her. She's managed to bring her coat and lunch box home all week. (This has been a task since she started school.) She's progressing well with writing and learning. I can't wait to get her first report card just to see how she's really doing.

Well, that's the update. Thanks for reading. Comments are appreciated. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

This and That..... And Everything in Between

For this post, it's going to be a mixture of updates with Emma.

First, school. She's doing a lot better. Homework doesn't seem much of an issue lately. I think this has to do with my mom being here this past week. (Her and Emma had a sleep over week.) She seems to be getting more and more used to the idea of school. When I wake her up in the morning, I have to see to it that she's ready right before she walks out the door. If not, she complains that she wants to go to the bus stop and that she needs to leave now. (Even if it is 30 mins early)

So far, I believe, she's doing well in school. She's turning in her homework and all papers returned home have a "great job" stamp on them. I can't wait to see her first report card.

Monday is Pictures. I've been waiting like crazy for this day. I'm so excited. I have her outfit and a hair style in mind.

The second update is.... we found out that Emma is not ready for a brother or sister anytime soon. On Thursday, my nephew came to stay with us for a few days because his momma had some dental work she needed to get done. While he was lying in his pack-n-play, we heard Emma (out of the blue) saying: "Goblin King, Goblin King.... Where ever you may be..... Take this baby far away from me."

Ok so she's watched Labrynth way to much. In the middle of her saying this... I peeked into the livingroom to make sure she wasn't hurting the baby. She was standing by the pack-n-play with her arms in the air while saying this.

I couldn't help but to laugh.

Well, that's the update for now. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kurtis Is Here

As a new mother we all know the feeling. Ya know.... the lack of sleep feeling....My sister just had her baby not too long ago and I offered to take the baby over night so she could get a good nights rest. Kurtis and I went down to the bus stop to pick Emma up from the bus. When Emma saw him, she was extremely excited. She kissed him and couldn't wait to get back to the house to play with him.

When we got back home, Kurtis needed a bottle. I mixed one up for him while trying to get Emma to start on her homework. She pretended she didn't know how to make an M to try to get my attention off of feeding Kurtis to her. I explained to her how to write an M again. She began whining.... "I can't do this."
I told her we can do anything we put our minds to.

After the feeding, the baby needed a change. Emma didn't like this either because she had to wait for me to start her dinner. Patients is not in her vocabulary. She began saying that my sister needed to come get her baby so I could spend more time with her.

While I was in the kitchen and Emma was watching a movie. (Labyrinth) The next thing I hear is Emma yelling. I look into the living room and she's standing by Kurtis's pack-n-play saying. "Goblin King, Goblin King..... where ever you might be.... please.... take this baby far away from me... right now."

So, I've come to the conclusion that she wouldn't like the idea of a brother or sister. Perhaps we'll think about one later on in the future when she's a little older.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kindergarten- Week One Ends

Well, this week has been a journey. Emma seems to be enjoying school more than I thought. I woke up this morning (Sat) and she's asking me to get her ready. I've explained to her that she only goes Monday thru Friday. She simply said , " I can't like this."

We've been doing some work with her writing here at the house. But she doesn't like doing it. I made flash cards out of index cards so she can start identifying the alphabet. She knows them to say them but doesn't know what they look like. It's the same with her numbers as well. Do you have any tips and tricks on doing this that you did with your child(ren)?

She's also upset because she doesn't have school on Monday. She said that's not right. How is she supposed to learn if they won't let her.

Her school pictures are in a few weeks. I'm excited about that. I have the frame ready for the photo. Yeah sort of crazy but this is my first child. I've scrap booked her entire life so far. She will have plenty to see what her life was like as she was growing up. I even have the discharge papers from the hospital from after I gave birth.

Well, everyone have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kindergarten Activities for Learning

As I was searching the web for tips and tricks to helping your kindergarten student learn their alphabet, numbers, and writing their name- I came across a great activity that I just had to pass on.

Items Needed:

Clothes Pins
Fine Tip Marker
Something to pin the clothes pins to. (Examples Small clothes Line, strips of cardboard, paint sticks) I will be using the paint sticks

Next, you and your child sit down to write the letters on each clothes pin. Doing this together grabs their attention to the activity and adds in some fun. Once all letters are written on each clothes pin, you can begin using your imagination for games. You can teach them how to write their name. (Using several sets of the letters). Teach them to identify what letters are on the clothes pins.

I can't wait to try this.

We also got the idea to decorate index cards with the alphabet and numbers. I wrote the letters nicely on the index card while on the back, my daughter drew something that starts with that letter. Once all are decorated, you can hold them up and use them as flash cards. It's very helpful and handy.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kindergarten- Week One

As we are coming to the end of the week, I must say... it was a tough one. The difference between summer school and actual kindergarten is like night and day. Emma was excited to go to summer school. But every morning this week, Greg and I had to fight her to get ready. She doesn't have any problems going to the bus. Several mornings, she was even trying to rush down to the bus stop early. Homework has been an issue. Getting her to actually sit down to do it has been a headache. She does nothing but fights with me. The bad part is, if she just listened to me telling her what to do, it wouldn't take 1/2 hr to actually get it done.

So, do you have the same issue when it comes to homework? If so, how do you handle it?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Facebook Fan Group


I've finally took the step to connect with Facebook. I feel that I can reach many more readers there as well. Feel free to check it out. If you have a page as well, let me know and I can check it out.

Have a nice day!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Grandma, Where's Jesus?

This afternoon I was talking to my mom on the phone when she told me a little story about a conversation she and my daughter had on their way to meet me. My daughter asked, "Me Maw, I have a question.... Jesus is in my heart so how is it that he's in heaven too?" My mom replied, "Honey, Jesus is everywhere. He can be in your heart, my heart, mommy's heart, and daddy's too... while he's in Heaven watching his angels. Jesus is in all the hearts of those who love him."

She said Emma took a few moments to think of this.... then said... "Well if he's in my heart... he must be really small." (Meaning that she has a small heart....) 

When she told me this story, I must say... I was/am a very happy Mommy. For the past five years, I have been teaching my daughter the best way I know how about Jesus and the right ways. Hearing this story is pretty much telling me that she knows who he is and that means a lot to me.

I hope this made you smile like it made me smile. Have a wonderful night.

Kindergarten- The First Day

Today was rather confusing for us all. First we are new to the school district. Therefore, I'm really not sure at the moment about their rules and such. We missed orientation due to my fiance working. So he took our daughter to school this morning. He said it was heart breaking/funny. Our daughter didn't want to go into her class because she has a male teacher. She wanted a female teacher. LOL

We finally find out where her bus stops to drop her off. Though not sure when it would come, I walk down when school let out. I was standing there for 45 mins. Go figure. We pick the area where the bus comes the latest. Even though five buses come through the area before our daughters. As she was getting dropped off, the bus driver told her it was her stop. She didn't see me and told the bus driver... "That's not my mom."

I climb on the bus to show her that I'm there. I get to talking to the bus driver who tells me she can pick up our daughter closer to our house. (Which is awesome) I climb on the bus (first time in about six years) and ride to the "new" bus stop. So, this is cool.

As I am looking through my daughters papers, she has homework. YES ON THE FIRST DAY! Wow, I remember teachers giving the younger kids a break when school starts. Well, not this district. I see this as a good thing. Though I did have to fight my daughter to do the homework. There's so much paperwork I had to fill out as well. You can even buy insurance for your child while their in school. This is new to me. Never even knew that existed.

Then, each child has to take in a snack on a certain day. This is nice but it concerns me a bit. My daughter doesn't eat what all the other children eat. Her day to take in snacks is Friday and I'm at a loss. I have no idea what type of healthy snack I can send for 22 kids that doesn't deal with peanuts. (A child is allergic in her class) Any suggestions?

Well, there you have it. Our first day of Kindergarten. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Looking to the past...

Today I was looking through a few pictures of my daughter and found some that I just had to share. These are my favorite ones of my daughter.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Starts Monday

Man, I'm extremely excited that my daughter goes back to school. I think summer school spoiled me. I got used to a schedule that I enjoyed and so did my daughter. She keeps asking me when she gets to go back. After her last week, I'm sure she will be more than ready to go back. We've been running around like crazy. My sister gave birth to her son on Monday. And she was in the middle of moving. Therefore, the family jumped up and began helping her while she is in the hospital with her son. It's been crazy but I'm just glad to be home. Tomorrow my daughter comes home from my mom's.

Are you as ready for school as we are??

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer School At An End

Today was my daughter's last day of summer school and I must say, I am a very proud mommy right now. She kept up good attendance and showed me that she's ready to have a little independence. It's just so hard to see my baby going to school already. She adjusted very well. I even think it helped a little with her ADHD. She seems much calmer now. As recognition for her accomplishment, the school gave her a few awards....

When she got off the bus today, she yelled in excitement that she won a prize. I can tell from the class photo she's proud for trying and finishing something that would make us (mommy and daddy) proud.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Emma Dancing

This is my daughter dancing to the music on the credits of Shrek. She is in her "workout" clothes. Hope you find it as funny as I did. (Caution when playing with the sound loud.... she does "yell" in this)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Week of Summer School

This past week was definitely and adventure. The theme was pirates which made it fun.  All of us learned something new. Emma's first day seemed the most exciting for all of us. Even my mom came to watch her step on the bus for the very first time. They sent a note home asking all parents to dress their child in the color of the day. This was fun for me because I just love picking her cute little outfits out.  I was given a note from her teacher who said that she was doing really well. She got along with the other classmates and even participated in the activities they did. Emma treated everyone nicely. Her only problem was raising her hand to talk. (Yep, just like her mommy, she's a talker. LOL)

I'm very happy that Emma got to experience this and learn the "ropes" before the official first day of the school year. I'm excited that she still has three more days left of the Summer School Program. I feel that this program helped all of us to see where we would need to work when it came to getting up, getting ready, and getting to the bus on time.

I'd strongly encourage any parents out there to sign their little one up for a program like this if it's offered. You'll be amazed at the things both the child and yourself will learn. At this point, I'm no longer worried when it comes to her going to school. (Don't say nothing but I can't wait until Monday. LOL) She's very energetic today....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mommy, Don't Make Me Go

Well, my daughter has been in summer school now for three days. This morning she asked me not to make her go. Of course, I made her go. Don't want her thinking that if she don't feel like going... she doesn't have to. I asked her why and she said," David is mean to me. He pushes me and yells at me." So, now it seems that she has a bully with her in Summer School. I did notice she had red marks on her arm when she came home.

So far, she's had nothing but a bad experience with this Summer School thing. First, she got mad that she didn't win a sticker on her first day; along with getting told by the bus driver she wasn't allowed to get off the bus. (Bus driver told me she tried to get off at the wrong stop.... kudos to him :) ..... for keeping my baby safe) Then, the second day, she gets picked on.....

I gave her a picture of me and her dad to carry in her book bag.... and when she felt the day just wasn't right... to look at it because Mommy and Daddy would be there with her. This seemed to work. At the moment, she's in school and I'm hoping her day is going well.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Emma's First Day of School

The day went better then I thought it would. We woke up and I went to wake up Emma. She didn't want to wake up at first because she fought us to go to sleep last night. She was excited because my mom (Me Maw) was here for a slumber party. I told her it was time to wake up and get ready for school. Immediately, she opened her eyes and asked me, "Really?"  and I said "Yes, really." After that she threw off her blanket, got outta bed, and said, "Let's do this!" LOL

She ate her breakfast, brushed her teeth, got dressed, and we walked to the bus stop. As we were waiting, she kept saying..."I hope the bus didn't forget about me." I had to ensure her that it didn't and it was coming. After waiting for about 15 minutes, the bus showed. Once the bus came to a complete stop, she climbed on and sat down. Then, she waved at us. Not a problem getting on the bus at all. I was so happy to see that. I didn't want to see her cry because then I'd cry.

Here are some of her pictures of her first day:
Her Outfit
Eating her breakfast!

Waiting at the bus stop

Getting on the bus.

Sitting on the far side of the bus. (second window)

The day seemed to go by fast for me. I uploaded the pictures, got some things done around the house that really needed it. Then, it was time for us to go back to the bus stop. This was the worst for me. I was afraid my baby wouldn't find the right bus back home. After waiting for a half an hour, the bus finally came.....

The anticipation was killing me watching the bus slow down.

And there she comes. She was even sitting with another little girl. Which made me happy to see... she might have a friend that lives right here in our home town.

Waving to the bus driver and the kids.....

Most people said she'd talk my ear off with all the things they did. Nope, she said she didn't want to talk about it. I gave her a little bit and asked again. She said she didn't like the teacher because she didn't win a prize. I asked her why she didn't get the prize and what did they have to do to get the prize. She said the teacher told her to raise her hand.

She's been asking me all day not to make her go back tomorrow. :(

So, if any of you parents out there, have any idea's to help me make it more exciting on my end... please share them in the comments. Any suggestions would help. I don't wanna fight her everyday to go to school... over a sticker!!

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer's Coming to an End

Well, Summer is just about over for this household. We plan on finishing up the school clothes shopping tomorrow and then Emma will be set for school. I've already printed up a schedule for her to follow. I just can't believe it's time for her to start school. Time goes way too fast.

She's counting down on the calendar. It seems the anxiety I had is very little at this point. It's becoming a very exciting time for the both of us. At night, she watches the clock for bedtime. And when it's time, she says it. I just can't believe how much she has grown since we've explained to her about school.

She's very excited that her daddy will be here and so will her grandmother. I'm sure we all will be crying but what parent wouldn't... (unless it's the second or third child) LOL

Well, thanks for reading. I will post pictures of Emma getting ready and getting on the bus. I'd love it if we all could give her a little bit of cheering I could read to her. This way she can see that not only does mommy and daddy think she's a big girl... but so do all of you. Thanks in advance. <3

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

School clothes Shopping

As of today, my daughter Emma, has 5 days until summer school begins. This past weekend we took her for her first trip: shopping for school clothes. She wasn't really sure at first what this meant. She figured this was going to be getting new clothes for now. I explained to her that her school clothes would hang in her closet and they'd be used just for school.

As we were walking though the isles at the store, she was looking around at the different styles of clothes. After about an hour, she picked out five new outfits. One thing I wonder is; why do they make such cute clothes for the younger people in this world? Don't they think "grown-ups" would like to look "cute" too? Anyway, we brought her clothes home and the stress of her beginning school seemed to lessen some. And it was replaced with excitement. She's already decided which outfit she wants to wear first. Since we went shopping, this has been the only thing we've heard about. She can't wait to get on the bus and finally start school like her older cousin does. (She's been waiting for over a year to climb onto that big yellow bus)

Yesterday, we got the phone call from the bus line that we were waiting on. They let us know where her bus stop would be and what time she would be picked up. I'm not all that great with mornings. Believe me, I've been trying to change the same daily schedule we've had for five years but it's harder than it sounds.

I think the stress of our first baby going off to kindergarten will be lessened because her daddy will be there too. (Unfortunately, he's been laid off) So, I'll have a full party at that bus stop with me that morning. My mom, who is like my daughter's best friend, will also be there to watch her climb that set of bus steps for the first time. I think with the emotional issues I have, this day will be easier just having them there.

This weekend, we will be finishing up the school shopping and getting prepared for Monday. The first day of summer school. Summer school will last up to a week before she officially begins Kindergarten. She'll have one week free and then the school year will begin. So, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this. Have a nice day.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

School Starts in a Month

Wow, I must say this summer has gone by quickly. I think it feels this way because my daughter starts Kindergarten this August. She's so excited. Every day she asks me, "Mommy, am I going to school today?" Of course I tell her not yet but soon. We are preparing our dear daughter for school and I think this just adds to it.

The anxiety that comes along with this whole, first child starting school thing, is a bit much. I'm not sure if it's being maximized because on my GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Any time I even start to think about my baby going off to school without me, I freak out. There's so many worries I think of. It's funny really. I don't really remember my mom freaking out when I started. Well, come to think about it.... after three kids.... who'd try to keep them at home... no wonder she was pushing me onto that bus.

So, I ask this to all the mommy's out there: How did you feel about your first child going off to school?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids say and do the darnest things

My daughter isn't one who plays with her baby dolls all the time. But she does get into these moods. For the past few days, she's been in her mood. Everything that she does revolves around her "babies." When she eats, they eat with her. When we take a walk (providing we can) they get into the baby doll stroller and they come along with us.

Last night, she was quietly sitting on the livingroom floor playing with two of her babies, when out of the blue, she threw one down. I asked, "Emma, why did you throw your baby?" Her reply, "Because she's a bad little shit. She won't listen to me." Remarks like this make it hard for me to keep a firm face to correct the actions that I don't agree with. In return, I asked, "What did she do?" My darling Emma replied with, "She wont listen to me and sit in the stroller."

When taking a closer look at her baby, I noticed that the legs don't bend. Therefore, making it impossible to cart the doll around in a stroller. I explained to Emma that the use of her words were not acceptable and explained to her that the doll wasn't made to sit.

After this incident, the day went on and bedtime came. Emma decided to take the baby doll that "listened" to her to bed with her. She went upstairs to lay down a few moments before I went up to tuck her in. When I came into her room, I went to turn on the light. Emma firmly told me to leave it off because I'd wake her baby. Anytime Emma is using her imagination, I play along. I try to encourage the use of her imagination, so I kept the light off. I went over to her bed and begin tucking her in. As I went to say the night prayer, Emma said, "Mommy, you need to whisper or your going to wake my baby."

I began whispering the prayer. Once we said the prayer and I was kissing her goodnight, Emma said, "Mommy you have to remember to be quiet or else you'll wake the baby. I dont feel like being up with her cranky ass for the rest of the night."

Ugh, once again there was another remark that I didn't approve of but it was out of the blue. I explained to her that I'd rather her not use the word ass. Then, kissed and hugged her good night. (All the while trying not to laugh) I walk out of her room, close the door, go downstairs, and finally laugh it out.

When they say kids say and do the darnest things..... They weren't lying. (Whoever "they" are)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Kindergarten and Preparing

Our daughter begins Kindergarten in August. She's our one and only. So, as a momma who's been a stay-at-home Mom since the day she was born is kind of nervous about this. (I've heard this is normal.) I decided that since she was starting school, things would change to make her feel more of a "big girl." First, we got rid of cuppies. She now only drinks from regular plastic cups. I dreaded this step because of several reasons. First, I thought there'd be several times of tantrums and headaches. Next, it also finalizes that my baby girl is, in fact, growing up. After the cuppies were gone, we changed her routine through out the day. She's seeming to adapt to all the "big girl" stuff rather well. She even talks about the types of stuff she'd like to get for school. She has back packs in mind and lunch boxes. The only thing that concerns me now is her Pica. She doesn't eat like a child without this disorder. She eats very select items. (Items that aren't lunchbox foods) I fear that she won't eat the way she should and her health will be affected by it. Hopefully, we can start seeing some changes when her behavioral therapy finally begins. At this time she mainly eats: mac and cheese, buttered noodles, Trix yogurt, and french fries. The stress of this just seems to be over powering me because I don't know what the future holds for our daughter.

In conclusion, I just hope my worries are more than what they need to be. I hope that I'm just being a "normal" mother looking out for the well being of her first child going off to school.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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