Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Emma's Up Coming Schedule is Exciting

Today when Emma came home from school, she brought with her... the Wednesday folder. This folder is used to send parents important newsletters and notices. I'm so excited to see what they have planned in October for the school.

One thing I'm proud to say is the school is having a Fire Fighters Breakfast. They will honor the local fireman during a breakfast. The students will sing songs, read poems, and kits for the firefighters. By doing this, they will be showing their gratitude for all the Fireman have done in our community. How awesome is this? I'm so glad that fireman aren't being forgotten. My cousin is a Fireman and has done it since he was a teen. His heart and strength is one to be noticed. Therefore, James Piper, my cousin, is one of my hero's.

The next event is the Grandparent Breakfast. We are excited for this one too. The children get to eat breakfast with their grandparent as well as have their picture taken. Emma's super excited for this one. She can't wait to show her Me-Maw off to her friends.

As always, Red Ribbon Week seems fun. Each day the students get to do something different and fun. Red Ribbon week is to basically say "No Drugs." Dressing her this week will be a blast for me.

The end of the first nine weeks is the last day in October. The school is having a attendance contest for students who have perfect attendance in each nine weeks and perfect attendance for the entire year. Emma wants to try hard to get her name in the hat for her chance to win the super prize. (Her words... not mine)

Well, that's the update. Thanks for reading.



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