Sunday, September 18, 2011

This and That..... And Everything in Between

For this post, it's going to be a mixture of updates with Emma.

First, school. She's doing a lot better. Homework doesn't seem much of an issue lately. I think this has to do with my mom being here this past week. (Her and Emma had a sleep over week.) She seems to be getting more and more used to the idea of school. When I wake her up in the morning, I have to see to it that she's ready right before she walks out the door. If not, she complains that she wants to go to the bus stop and that she needs to leave now. (Even if it is 30 mins early)

So far, I believe, she's doing well in school. She's turning in her homework and all papers returned home have a "great job" stamp on them. I can't wait to see her first report card.

Monday is Pictures. I've been waiting like crazy for this day. I'm so excited. I have her outfit and a hair style in mind.

The second update is.... we found out that Emma is not ready for a brother or sister anytime soon. On Thursday, my nephew came to stay with us for a few days because his momma had some dental work she needed to get done. While he was lying in his pack-n-play, we heard Emma (out of the blue) saying: "Goblin King, Goblin King.... Where ever you may be..... Take this baby far away from me."

Ok so she's watched Labrynth way to much. In the middle of her saying this... I peeked into the livingroom to make sure she wasn't hurting the baby. She was standing by the pack-n-play with her arms in the air while saying this.

I couldn't help but to laugh.

Well, that's the update for now. Thanks for reading.


Kelli said...

HI!! new follower here!! Your little girl reminds me of my son! he loves his cousins but i dont think he would handle mommy having a baby well! lol kids are so funny!

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