Friday, September 2, 2011

Kindergarten Activities for Learning

As I was searching the web for tips and tricks to helping your kindergarten student learn their alphabet, numbers, and writing their name- I came across a great activity that I just had to pass on.

Items Needed:

Clothes Pins
Fine Tip Marker
Something to pin the clothes pins to. (Examples Small clothes Line, strips of cardboard, paint sticks) I will be using the paint sticks

Next, you and your child sit down to write the letters on each clothes pin. Doing this together grabs their attention to the activity and adds in some fun. Once all letters are written on each clothes pin, you can begin using your imagination for games. You can teach them how to write their name. (Using several sets of the letters). Teach them to identify what letters are on the clothes pins.

I can't wait to try this.

We also got the idea to decorate index cards with the alphabet and numbers. I wrote the letters nicely on the index card while on the back, my daughter drew something that starts with that letter. Once all are decorated, you can hold them up and use them as flash cards. It's very helpful and handy.


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