Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Letter to a Veteran

Today Emma's school sent home a paper asking for all students to write a letter to honor a current or former Veteran which would be displayed on the local PA Career Link's "Wall of Honor." Here is Emma's letter....

My Daddy is awesome. His name is Greg but I like to call him Daddy. He's a veteran of the United States Marine Corp. Even though my daddy served before I was born, I'm still super proud of him. He worked in the field artillery and was trained as a sniper. He served in Iraq. 

My daddy is my hero. I love him so much. I'm happy to be his daughter and I'm proud to call him my daddy. 
(Thanks to Mommy for helping me write this.)


Judy said...

How wonderful that her school is teaching the kids to support and appreciation our service men and women.

Thank you to Greg for his service and sacrifice!

I am stopping by with some comment love from the Susie QT Pies hop and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


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