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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mommy, come Play with Me

This morning started off as any other morning. I came downstairs, started my coffee, and got the mail. Then, I offered my daughter her breakfast and we sat in the kitchen enjoying our morning. We told each other about how our night was. Once she was done, she began to watch television while I checked my email and wrote a blog. (I didn't get to write yesterday on my other blog. I try to write one everyday.) Once I was done, my daughter came over and we began to play. Using our imaginations. First, we cuddled up and watched one of her favorite shows. Then, it was craft time. We are in the process of creating a "garden" in her room. (Her idea) We made butterflies out of items I had around the house and now those beautiful butterflies are hanging in her room. (Will add a picture of them later.) Next, she asked me if we could play reporter... let me tell ya... the confusion that went through me... I had not a clue of what she wanted to do.

She grabbed a small note pad and a pen. Then, began asking me questions. (She's seen this a few times when I was being asked questions about my novel.) After about several questions, she handed me the paper which said, "Emma <3 Mommy". All the time she was writing, I didn't realize what she was doing. This warmed my heart. I knew she knew how to write her name but I didn't know she watched me when I wrote my notes to her.

This had to be one of the best mornings I have had in a long time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trip to Pittsburgh and Dr's Visit

When people say that Pittsburgh is confusing... they aren't lying. LOL Our trip up wasn't too bad. When we finally managed to get there, parked, and went into Children's... my opinion on the hospital began. It was so colorful. Bright colors every where. Games for the kids to play. My daughter's first words about it, "This place is awesome." Our wait wasn't too bad. It felt like forever because I just wanted our turn to talk with the doctor.

Finally, when our time came (a few hrs later), they were very pleasant with my daughter. Making her laugh and giggle as they did the routine check on her. Then, time came to explain about her situation. The doctor listened to me with an open mind. Once I was done telling her about every thing that was going on and she was done observing my daughter, she diagnosed her with Pica. When she said this, I felt the weight that I carried on me lifted a bit. Finally, after almost 5 years of the unknown... an answer.

The next step is for behavioral therapy with a Pediatric Psychologist. They will watch her and observe her. Test her and then teach her about the proper ways to eat. They will teach her how to handle the unusual cravings she has along with putting her on medication. We are now waiting for them to call me with my daughter's next doctor's appointment.

We are going to try to see if the program is offered closer to home before making the final decision to take that journey to the horrific Pittsburgh. They are also going to help her with ADHD and the way she reacts with others.

In the doctor's own words, "This sounds bad but the best way to explain it is, the psychologist will "reprogram" her to relearn everything that she learned but without the bad habits. This isn't something that you or her father did. Sometimes this just happens. I can see that you both are taking the proper steps to ensure her health isn't being affected. Her weight and height is perfect for her age. We will take care of her and get her to where she should be. It will take time and patience. It will take work. But we can do this as long as we all work together."

I must say, those were the most comforting words I have heard in a long time from a doctor. Most of the time I was told I was just a paranoid mother and what my daughter was going through was a phase.

My last note of this blog: Mother's intuition isn't fake or unreal... it's there for a reason... and I don't care what medical book says otherwise.. I will use it even if the doctor's disagree!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Planning the Trip to Pittsburgh, PA

Today I finished the plans to our Pittsburgh trip. Let me remind you that it's been a very long time since I even went close to Pittsburgh. I think the last time I was up there was back in High School on a field trip. The total ride up there is about what I expected it to be... around 2 hrs. Normally, we allot enough time for road construction and other unexpected events.

This trip makes me more nervous because it's been a while since we took a "road-trip." The last time we went on a road trip the total time there was 9 hrs to visit my fiance's side of the family. Our daughter really won't remember that because of her being so young.

I believe our daughter also has ADHD. So, this trip is definately going to be a journey. I have some kids apps that I plan on downloading to my Nook Color to help keep her busy along with her Leapster2. Hopefully, that will keep her busy. Then, I have my small shopping list for our "snacks" for the ride.

Not really looking forward to this trip but when it has something to do with finding out my daughter's "sickness." I will travel the world to ensure an answer and help her on her road to recovery.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ears, Nose, & Throat

At my daughters last visit to her peditrician, it was recommended that she see's a ENT. The reason for this was because her peditrician thought that her adnoids looks a little big which could be the main reason for her sleep apneia. The sleep apneia has always been in the back of my mind during the night which caused myself and my daughter to have very little sleep though out the night. I mentioned this when her Dr. asked me if she had trouble sleeping at night. She would stop breathing while sleeping or she would breath very loudly which in turn I couldn't sleep. It wasn't the noise of her breathing that kept me up. It was the fear that there was something more behind this.

She went to the ENT yesterday. They took an x-ray of her adnoids. The ENT agree's that her adnoids are the cause of the breathing problems. He prescribed an antihistamine and a nose spray. He is giving her two weeks on those to see if they get any better. If not, then most likely she will be looking at her first surgery.

I wish I could stand in her place. First all the tests for her eating disorder and on top of that she might be looking at a surgery. I feel this is a little much for a Four year old to go though. I pray for all the children in the world that are facing much rougher situations as I pray for my own daughter. No child should have to face this. But I'm trying to remember, The tough times are only meant to make us stronger. (Even if you are a child.)


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