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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Planning the Trip to Pittsburgh, PA

Today I finished the plans to our Pittsburgh trip. Let me remind you that it's been a very long time since I even went close to Pittsburgh. I think the last time I was up there was back in High School on a field trip. The total ride up there is about what I expected it to be... around 2 hrs. Normally, we allot enough time for road construction and other unexpected events.

This trip makes me more nervous because it's been a while since we took a "road-trip." The last time we went on a road trip the total time there was 9 hrs to visit my fiance's side of the family. Our daughter really won't remember that because of her being so young.

I believe our daughter also has ADHD. So, this trip is definately going to be a journey. I have some kids apps that I plan on downloading to my Nook Color to help keep her busy along with her Leapster2. Hopefully, that will keep her busy. Then, I have my small shopping list for our "snacks" for the ride.

Not really looking forward to this trip but when it has something to do with finding out my daughter's "sickness." I will travel the world to ensure an answer and help her on her road to recovery.



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