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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ears, Nose, & Throat

At my daughters last visit to her peditrician, it was recommended that she see's a ENT. The reason for this was because her peditrician thought that her adnoids looks a little big which could be the main reason for her sleep apneia. The sleep apneia has always been in the back of my mind during the night which caused myself and my daughter to have very little sleep though out the night. I mentioned this when her Dr. asked me if she had trouble sleeping at night. She would stop breathing while sleeping or she would breath very loudly which in turn I couldn't sleep. It wasn't the noise of her breathing that kept me up. It was the fear that there was something more behind this.

She went to the ENT yesterday. They took an x-ray of her adnoids. The ENT agree's that her adnoids are the cause of the breathing problems. He prescribed an antihistamine and a nose spray. He is giving her two weeks on those to see if they get any better. If not, then most likely she will be looking at her first surgery.

I wish I could stand in her place. First all the tests for her eating disorder and on top of that she might be looking at a surgery. I feel this is a little much for a Four year old to go though. I pray for all the children in the world that are facing much rougher situations as I pray for my own daughter. No child should have to face this. But I'm trying to remember, The tough times are only meant to make us stronger. (Even if you are a child.)



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