Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Foto Friday- Halloweens Past

Time sure goes by quickly. There's not many Halloween photo's of my daughter from the past. We felt she was too young to enjoy the dressing up aspect of Halloween. Most would disagree with us on this but our parenting style is a bit different from the way we grew up.

Here is my daughter a few years ago dressed up as a bride princess.....

Here is a photo of myself and my sisters at my nieces birthday party..... Marti gras style.... (for them) I had to be the odd ball and dress goth.... I don't do dresses that well....

Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a comment to show you were here. *Thanks*


lisa said...

Cute pictures! You're daughter is beautiful! :)


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corabeth said...

Cute pics!!!

New Follower from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop. Hoping you will follow back! =0)
My Crazy Life

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is adorable! I don't do dresses either - totally understand that!

Thank you for linking up with the Getting to Know You Friday Blog Hop! New follower!


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