Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Veteran's Day is Coming and AL Wilson will Honor Veterans :D

I can honestly say that I am proud my daughter attends Albert Gallatin School District.

When I went to school, I don't really remember having any military veterans coming to the school and talking with the students. I do remember recruiters but they were there mainly to do their job. Not to be honored.

So far in A.L. Wilson, I've helped gather items for our troops. Seen the school gather letters from the students about their family members who have served. Today we get a news letter telling us they would love for Military veterans to come to the school and share their experiences with their child's class. When my fiance saw the news letter, he got a huge smile on his face and said, "I'd love to do that."

They will also be having a display of Hero's Day Project. Each student brought home a form for all military family's to fill out and return to the school so they could be honored on Veteran's Day. Their name, rank, and what they were part of. (example: War with Iraq)

It's the small things people do that add a smile onto a veteran's face and make them proud for serving. Just the smallest token of appreciation shown is like saying "Thank you" a million times over.

***Please ask permission for use of the photo.***



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