Friday, October 28, 2011

Red Ribbon Week at A.L Wilson

This week has been an interesting week. Red Ribbon Week. A.L. Wilson Elementary school takes pride in a drug free environment. My daughter enjoyed the activities they provided and she has come home every day excited from learning something more about saying no to drugs.

Today she has the opportunity to wear her favorite Halloween shirt along with her red ribbon. This past week she's had different activities to participate in which were fun for her. Monday she told me about an Officer talking with the students about drugs and told me that they are bad. She's had the opportunity to wear her favorite hat, tennis shoes, jogging outfit, etc.

I think A.L Wilson lives up to it's mission statement while providing quality education to their students. I'm proud to say that my daughter goes to this school.

Mission Statement: The mission of A. L. Wilson Elementary School is to provide high quality education that allows all students to achieve educational excellence through bridges being built between home and school.

My daughter has learned so much within the first nine weeks. They have considered her PICA disorder and made arrangements to provide her with the best care while she's in school.



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