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Friday, December 16, 2011

My Child & A Bully

Just recently I learned my daughter was being bullied on her bus. I didn't realize this. I should have though. At the beginning of school, she loved it. She couldn't wait to go back. Then, all of sudden she hates school and wants hubby to take her if she HAS to go. Being a victim of bullying, I knew something was wrong but I didn't think my daughter would have to go through this in Kindergarten.

As hubby waited for her bus the other day, he saw her bus come around the corner and pull up. Our daughter was sitting a few seats back from the door, she stood and made her way to the front. When all of a sudden, a boy (either in fourth or fifth grade) stood up in front of her. Not letting her off the bus. He got into her face and told her: "I told you... you're a liar. Deal with it." Hubby said the look on our daughter's face was fear and sadness at the same time.

Being the father and a witness to this situation, he took action. He replied to this boy, "We don't teach her name calling. Therefore, I think you need to knock it off." The look this boy gave Hubby... ugh if looks could kill.... well I'm sure you get the picture.

I know that bullying in schools around the country have gotten worse. It's even came to the point where kids commit suicide or kids are harming each other. It's sad really and scary. No parent wants to learn their child is the victim. But what would you do if you found out your child was the one doing the bullying?

I know I better not find out Lil Miss does any type of bullying. Because she'll not only have to help the child during school and play with that child at recess, but she'd be grounded.... she'd loose any TV, Computer, or X-box privileges along with anything else I can think of that would be appropriate. I do not accept bullies in my house. Therefore, action would be taken to ensure she knows it wrong.

I mean take a look for yourself and see just how bad this is:

It gets worse:

What are you doing to ensure that bullying stops? This can't go on any longer. Stand together and lets put an end to this horrible situation that many kids face daily. Go sign the pledge now... and Help.



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