Tuesday, August 2, 2011

School clothes Shopping

As of today, my daughter Emma, has 5 days until summer school begins. This past weekend we took her for her first trip: shopping for school clothes. She wasn't really sure at first what this meant. She figured this was going to be getting new clothes for now. I explained to her that her school clothes would hang in her closet and they'd be used just for school.

As we were walking though the isles at the store, she was looking around at the different styles of clothes. After about an hour, she picked out five new outfits. One thing I wonder is; why do they make such cute clothes for the younger people in this world? Don't they think "grown-ups" would like to look "cute" too? Anyway, we brought her clothes home and the stress of her beginning school seemed to lessen some. And it was replaced with excitement. She's already decided which outfit she wants to wear first. Since we went shopping, this has been the only thing we've heard about. She can't wait to get on the bus and finally start school like her older cousin does. (She's been waiting for over a year to climb onto that big yellow bus)

Yesterday, we got the phone call from the bus line that we were waiting on. They let us know where her bus stop would be and what time she would be picked up. I'm not all that great with mornings. Believe me, I've been trying to change the same daily schedule we've had for five years but it's harder than it sounds.

I think the stress of our first baby going off to kindergarten will be lessened because her daddy will be there too. (Unfortunately, he's been laid off) So, I'll have a full party at that bus stop with me that morning. My mom, who is like my daughter's best friend, will also be there to watch her climb that set of bus steps for the first time. I think with the emotional issues I have, this day will be easier just having them there.

This weekend, we will be finishing up the school shopping and getting prepared for Monday. The first day of summer school. Summer school will last up to a week before she officially begins Kindergarten. She'll have one week free and then the school year will begin. So, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this. Have a nice day.



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