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Sunday, July 24, 2011

School Starts in a Month

Wow, I must say this summer has gone by quickly. I think it feels this way because my daughter starts Kindergarten this August. She's so excited. Every day she asks me, "Mommy, am I going to school today?" Of course I tell her not yet but soon. We are preparing our dear daughter for school and I think this just adds to it.

The anxiety that comes along with this whole, first child starting school thing, is a bit much. I'm not sure if it's being maximized because on my GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Any time I even start to think about my baby going off to school without me, I freak out. There's so many worries I think of. It's funny really. I don't really remember my mom freaking out when I started. Well, come to think about it.... after three kids.... who'd try to keep them at home... no wonder she was pushing me onto that bus.

So, I ask this to all the mommy's out there: How did you feel about your first child going off to school?



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