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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids say and do the darnest things

My daughter isn't one who plays with her baby dolls all the time. But she does get into these moods. For the past few days, she's been in her mood. Everything that she does revolves around her "babies." When she eats, they eat with her. When we take a walk (providing we can) they get into the baby doll stroller and they come along with us.

Last night, she was quietly sitting on the livingroom floor playing with two of her babies, when out of the blue, she threw one down. I asked, "Emma, why did you throw your baby?" Her reply, "Because she's a bad little shit. She won't listen to me." Remarks like this make it hard for me to keep a firm face to correct the actions that I don't agree with. In return, I asked, "What did she do?" My darling Emma replied with, "She wont listen to me and sit in the stroller."

When taking a closer look at her baby, I noticed that the legs don't bend. Therefore, making it impossible to cart the doll around in a stroller. I explained to Emma that the use of her words were not acceptable and explained to her that the doll wasn't made to sit.

After this incident, the day went on and bedtime came. Emma decided to take the baby doll that "listened" to her to bed with her. She went upstairs to lay down a few moments before I went up to tuck her in. When I came into her room, I went to turn on the light. Emma firmly told me to leave it off because I'd wake her baby. Anytime Emma is using her imagination, I play along. I try to encourage the use of her imagination, so I kept the light off. I went over to her bed and begin tucking her in. As I went to say the night prayer, Emma said, "Mommy, you need to whisper or your going to wake my baby."

I began whispering the prayer. Once we said the prayer and I was kissing her goodnight, Emma said, "Mommy you have to remember to be quiet or else you'll wake the baby. I dont feel like being up with her cranky ass for the rest of the night."

Ugh, once again there was another remark that I didn't approve of but it was out of the blue. I explained to her that I'd rather her not use the word ass. Then, kissed and hugged her good night. (All the while trying not to laugh) I walk out of her room, close the door, go downstairs, and finally laugh it out.

When they say kids say and do the darnest things..... They weren't lying. (Whoever "they" are)



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