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Friday, July 8, 2011

Kindergarten and Preparing

Our daughter begins Kindergarten in August. She's our one and only. So, as a momma who's been a stay-at-home Mom since the day she was born is kind of nervous about this. (I've heard this is normal.) I decided that since she was starting school, things would change to make her feel more of a "big girl." First, we got rid of cuppies. She now only drinks from regular plastic cups. I dreaded this step because of several reasons. First, I thought there'd be several times of tantrums and headaches. Next, it also finalizes that my baby girl is, in fact, growing up. After the cuppies were gone, we changed her routine through out the day. She's seeming to adapt to all the "big girl" stuff rather well. She even talks about the types of stuff she'd like to get for school. She has back packs in mind and lunch boxes. The only thing that concerns me now is her Pica. She doesn't eat like a child without this disorder. She eats very select items. (Items that aren't lunchbox foods) I fear that she won't eat the way she should and her health will be affected by it. Hopefully, we can start seeing some changes when her behavioral therapy finally begins. At this time she mainly eats: mac and cheese, buttered noodles, Trix yogurt, and french fries. The stress of this just seems to be over powering me because I don't know what the future holds for our daughter.

In conclusion, I just hope my worries are more than what they need to be. I hope that I'm just being a "normal" mother looking out for the well being of her first child going off to school.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.



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