Saturday, August 13, 2011

First Week of Summer School

This past week was definitely and adventure. The theme was pirates which made it fun.  All of us learned something new. Emma's first day seemed the most exciting for all of us. Even my mom came to watch her step on the bus for the very first time. They sent a note home asking all parents to dress their child in the color of the day. This was fun for me because I just love picking her cute little outfits out.  I was given a note from her teacher who said that she was doing really well. She got along with the other classmates and even participated in the activities they did. Emma treated everyone nicely. Her only problem was raising her hand to talk. (Yep, just like her mommy, she's a talker. LOL)

I'm very happy that Emma got to experience this and learn the "ropes" before the official first day of the school year. I'm excited that she still has three more days left of the Summer School Program. I feel that this program helped all of us to see where we would need to work when it came to getting up, getting ready, and getting to the bus on time.

I'd strongly encourage any parents out there to sign their little one up for a program like this if it's offered. You'll be amazed at the things both the child and yourself will learn. At this point, I'm no longer worried when it comes to her going to school. (Don't say nothing but I can't wait until Monday. LOL) She's very energetic today....



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