Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mommy, Don't Make Me Go

Well, my daughter has been in summer school now for three days. This morning she asked me not to make her go. Of course, I made her go. Don't want her thinking that if she don't feel like going... she doesn't have to. I asked her why and she said," David is mean to me. He pushes me and yells at me." So, now it seems that she has a bully with her in Summer School. I did notice she had red marks on her arm when she came home.

So far, she's had nothing but a bad experience with this Summer School thing. First, she got mad that she didn't win a sticker on her first day; along with getting told by the bus driver she wasn't allowed to get off the bus. (Bus driver told me she tried to get off at the wrong stop.... kudos to him :) ..... for keeping my baby safe) Then, the second day, she gets picked on.....

I gave her a picture of me and her dad to carry in her book bag.... and when she felt the day just wasn't right... to look at it because Mommy and Daddy would be there with her. This seemed to work. At the moment, she's in school and I'm hoping her day is going well.


Beth in NC said...

Oh no. Bless her little heart. Did you send a note about the kid bullying her?


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