Monday, August 29, 2011

Kindergarten- The First Day

Today was rather confusing for us all. First we are new to the school district. Therefore, I'm really not sure at the moment about their rules and such. We missed orientation due to my fiance working. So he took our daughter to school this morning. He said it was heart breaking/funny. Our daughter didn't want to go into her class because she has a male teacher. She wanted a female teacher. LOL

We finally find out where her bus stops to drop her off. Though not sure when it would come, I walk down when school let out. I was standing there for 45 mins. Go figure. We pick the area where the bus comes the latest. Even though five buses come through the area before our daughters. As she was getting dropped off, the bus driver told her it was her stop. She didn't see me and told the bus driver... "That's not my mom."

I climb on the bus to show her that I'm there. I get to talking to the bus driver who tells me she can pick up our daughter closer to our house. (Which is awesome) I climb on the bus (first time in about six years) and ride to the "new" bus stop. So, this is cool.

As I am looking through my daughters papers, she has homework. YES ON THE FIRST DAY! Wow, I remember teachers giving the younger kids a break when school starts. Well, not this district. I see this as a good thing. Though I did have to fight my daughter to do the homework. There's so much paperwork I had to fill out as well. You can even buy insurance for your child while their in school. This is new to me. Never even knew that existed.

Then, each child has to take in a snack on a certain day. This is nice but it concerns me a bit. My daughter doesn't eat what all the other children eat. Her day to take in snacks is Friday and I'm at a loss. I have no idea what type of healthy snack I can send for 22 kids that doesn't deal with peanuts. (A child is allergic in her class) Any suggestions?

Well, there you have it. Our first day of Kindergarten. Thanks for reading.


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