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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The beginning

I am sure most mothers in today's world ask herself the same question that I often ask myself. Am I doing a good job at parenting? 

Sometimes when I see my child doing something that I'd rather them not to... this question comes into play. Most of the time I ask myself this when I feel like I failed my child. I try to do the best I can for her. She has toys (and many of them), electronic devices (which I never had as a child), and anything else I can give her. But above all of that, the question doesn't reflect any of those items... its physically and mentally. My daughter has been fighting myself and her father (my fiance) to eat properly since she was able to eat solid foods. Then, we noticed her picking up and eating the most unhealthy things. A few examples, chap stick, lotions, make up, and soap. I took her to her Dr at the time who said that this is normal and she'd grow out of it. It started out where she would only eat Trix yogurt and cheese curls. She mainly drank chocolate milk.  Months had passed and she was still doing the same thing. I decided to get a second opinion, the same thing was said... a phase. The doctor told me when it came to dinner and her picky eating, we had to make her eat what was made and not just the foods we knew she ate. I tried it. My daughter was stubborn. The doctor told me that children often to this to have some type of control in their lives or to see just how far they can get before Mom reacts. He said that she would not starve herself and eventually she would eat with us. He told me not to give her the item she asked for but to give her what was on the day menu for our household. Figuring he was the doctor and he knew best, I followed his direction. Three days passed and my daughter didn't eat. This had me worried because she didn't eat enough as it was. I didn't like this. I made her some of her favorite foods and she ate. She still asked for the same items. 

Over time, a few things have been added to the list of foods that she will eat. (Let me remind you that it's not a long list) I was still worried for her. I did some research and found that she may be suffering from a disorder called, Pica. Pica (pronounced /ˈpaɪkə/ PY-kə) is a medical disorder characterized by an appetite for substances largely non-nutritive (e.g. metalclaycoal, sand, dirt, soilfeceschalkpens and pencilspaperbatteries,spoonstoothbrushessoapmucus, ash, gum, etc.) or an abnormal appetite for food ingredients (e.g. flour, raw potato, raw ricestarchice cubes, salt). This did sound very familiar. So, I continued my research. After a few months of researching and gathering information to back up my thoughts, I made her an appointment for this eating situation. 

After four years, I finally found a doctor that believed me and believed that there may be something more than a phase happening. She sent my daughter to the lab for blood work. The past few days, I have been waiting on the results of that blood work which feels like it's been forever. 

My daughter starts school at the end of this year. I'm praying we find out what is causing the eating disorder and get her back on track by then. Guess we shall see what those results contain. 

Until next time, have a wonderful day. 

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. 



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