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Thursday, June 23, 2011

"I Can't" Syndrome

*RANT, blowing steam and trying to better my mood by writing.*

Every day I fight with my daughter to do her daily chores or what I believe would be her chores. I came to the conclusion that she has the "I can't" Syndrome. Let me explain, every time I ask her to either pick up her toys or grab her dishes to put them in the sink.. she whines that she can't. I'm not sure as to why she does this. I'm trying not to raise a lazy child who doesn't want to do things for herself. But at this point, I do every thing for her.

Most children her age wanna at least try to take care of the small things because they are no longer a baby. My daughter, she'd rather you do it all. Brush her hair (which I would end up doing anyway just to be sure) and the same with trying to bath. She doesn't want to dress herself or even put on her own shoes. This is really starting to drive me crazy.

Most of the articles that I have read say that "Kindergartners are always wanting to be helpful." Not my child. She starts school in August. I really hope that between school and the behavioral therapy, we can get her onto track. Maybe I just need to learn some new discipline tactics. Time outs just aren't working anymore.

OK enough of my rant. Thanks for reading.


Damaris said...

Hey - just wanted to invite you to the Lucky Wednesday Blog Hop at Hope you stop by & link up. :)

Mama.Mommy.Mom. said...

Thanks for linking up at Wonder Wednesday!


mel said...

New follower from the "Wonder Wednesday" Blog Hop :)

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