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Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Daughter's 5th Birthday

I must start off by saying it was simply awesome. My mother and my daughter have a unique bond. They've had this bond since the day she was born. When my daughter was born, my mother supported me during the pregnancy and labor. Even to the point where, my mother cut the umbilical cord. This is where I think the bond began.

My mom wanted to plan my daughter's birthday party this year. I am under a lot of stress and adding my daughter's birthday (because I would be worried with trying to make it as perfect as I could) wouldn't have been good for my overall health. So, I let her go. In our family, the 5th birthday is a big one. This marks the stage of life where the children began becoming their own person and where they began the school years.

The theme began to at first to be "back to school." This would allow everyone to be there for my daughter and they can say that they helped her with her very first year of school. Over time, it went from that theme, to a balloon theme. My mom sat for days... blowing up ballons.... and creating a ballon cluster... well two of them... to hang up... and home made sign that read... Happy Birthday Emma.

My daughter didn't know of the party. I had told her that it was a play date with her cousins at the local park. She was thrilled. We got her a new outfit and shoes for her big day. I fixed her hair and we were on our way. Of course, she fell asleep right as we got there... so I forced her to wake up. As we were driving up to the pavillion, all my daughter could say was, "What the.....what the.....what the heck?" All the while this was the look on her face:

This was priceless. I could not stop laughing.  She saw her name and the confusion got even bigger. I said, "Honey, welcome to your birthday party!" She said, "All of this for me?" I told her it was. My fiance counld get the car parked and her door open enough. She ran up and took a look around. She was in complete amazement.

The entire day was awesome. Close family and friends were there to spend the day with us. The surprise of Emma opening the gifts she got was funny. One gift she even kissed and hugged. Another she said she's always wanted it.

It amazing how just the smallest thought and gester makes the world of a child. In conclusion, I would like to thank my mom (Rachel) and my step-dad (Roger) for putting on an amazing party. And for all those who came to celebrate with us. You all made this party... one to remember!!!

Happy 5th Birthday, Emma!!!



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