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Friday, February 3, 2012

Report Card Time!!!!

Lil Miss is now into her third nine weeks. I must say, as more time passes, Lil Miss does even better. She's been actively participating in school and following the rules. (Which gives me a little relief because she doesn't always follow the rules at home. This past Wednesday, she brought her report card home in the Wednesday folder.

I have to say I am extremely proud of her. She brought home straight A's!!!!!  Her first report card showed that she was having a hard time in her classes which caused concern. I started her on an amazing learning tool that I must recommend to those who are trying to teach their children how to read.

It's called: The Reading Game

The Reading Game contains six stacks of cards and six books. Each marked with a level beginning at one. Each level is then split into six more. Lil Miss and I started level one right around Christmas when her reading grade was a 73%. We began playing as the instructions directed and started making our way up. Each level has words written on the opposite side of the card. After matching them several times, Lil Miss learned how to read that word. As she made her way through each level, she learned all the words needed for book one. Now she's excited that she can actually read a book.

In a nine week period of playing The Reading Game mixed with her school learning, Lil Miss brought home a reading grade of 95%. How awesome is that????

If you'd like to know more about The Reading Game, you can click on any of the links to be directed to their website.



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