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Thursday, March 22, 2012

And it continues.....

Since my last update, this post ties into it. We took Emma to an ENT Doctor a week or so ago. He took a look at her throat and got an xray to see the size of her adenoids. After studying the xray, he said that he'd be happy to perform surgery although it's not a guarantee it will fix the problem. I told him to do the surgery if it was medically necessary.

He decided to put her on a nasal spray for the next thirty days to see if this helps. It seemed like the nasal spray, steroids, and antibiotic were helping. Well, up until yesterday. On Wednesday morning, Emma woke with a slight fever. Her school sends kids home with a fever over 100.0 F. We decided to keep her home and get her into her physician to see if the fever was the result of another infection or her adenoids.

The physician said her ears were red but it wasn't anything to be concerned about. They sent her home with no antibiotics. Today she wakes with an even higher fever than yesterdays. It climbed from 100.1 F to 101.3 F. Daddy decided to keep her home so I could keep an eye on the fever.

As the day progressed, the fever climbed to 100.6 F . Still this didn't alarm me. She took a rather long nap and when she woke up she complained about being dizzy and her throat was hurting. I got her something cold to drink thinking this would help. Let her sit up and gave her body time to adjust it's temperature before checking it.

This time, it hit record high for this entire situation. 103.4. I immediately began to worry. I grabbed more Motrin and had her take some. Then, called her dad. He was at work. I asked him to call the ENT Doctor while on break while I took care of her to see if the adenoids could be the result of the fever.

He told him a fever that high for a child her age was too high, to take her to the hospital. Her physician likes when we keep them in the loop about their patients, so Daddy called them directly after to let them in on what was going on. They told him not to panic, to alternate between Tylenol and Motrin, which would bring down the fever. Now, we are confused. Is a temperature of 103.4 dangerous or not?

I told him I didn't want to chance it and come home so we could take her to the emergency room. By the time he talked to his boss and made it home, I managed to get the fever to go down. (I decided to bath her and put fresh clothes on her seeing how she was covered in sweat.) So, when he got here, it was back down to 100.2F, once again in the non-panic zone for me.

We decided to hold off and wait to see what would happen. She began playing and moving around again. We decided not to take her. Right before bed, we decided to take her temperature again, guess what it was.... back up to the blasted 103.4. I'm so confused as to what is going on. I want to help my daughter in the best way that I can. Seeing how it's so late, I gave her Motrin again, thus bringing the temp back down.

We are at our wits ends on this one. We are calling the ENT doctor and demanding he take them out. She has missed so much school this year over her ears and throat. I hate making her go through this but I don't want the school to hold her back due to attendance. Her grades are well near perfect, all high A's. She made highest honors last nine weeks and this nine weeks looks to be the same.

I write this to ask, you, the person reading this to add my daughter to your prayers.

Thank you.


Camille Griffiths said...

Sounds like a really hard situation, for Emma and for you guys as parents. :(

My brother went through something like this and ended up having his adenoids removed. After trying for a year, they just kept causing him problems, and he recovered really fast from the surgery. Afterward, he was perfectly healthy. It was such a relief, so personally I think it's selfish that the doctors are holding off on the surgery for Emma!! I bet it could really help her and then you wouldn't have to worry about recurring problems.

Well I hope she gets better soon, I'll be praying for your family!

Anonymous said...

um... Seeing as this was back in 2012 it doesn't really make sense for me to comment on it but it was not the DR's that were holding surgery off, the mom is the one who said NOT to do the surgery unless it was medically ness.

Reading forward on this wonderful blog to make sure this beautiful little one made it through ok!! Loving your writing and found this through your Christian blog! Many prayers to you and your beautiful family! xoxo


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