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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ohhh, I don't feel good....

Well, Friday started like any other day. We woke up Emma for school, got her ready, and listened to the million excuses on why she couldn't go to school. Or so we thought.

She cried that her head hurt, her legs hurt, she was tired, and all the other excuses one hears during their morning routines. Once she was ready and it was time, off to the bus stop she went.

Right after her lunch period, I get a call from her school. They told me she was found sleeping in the lunch room. Therefore, she was taken to the nurses office and the nurse began asking her questions. Emma told the nurse that she was tired because Daddy wakes her too early for school. (The nurse got a giggle out of that one) Shortly after they took her temperature and it was over 100.0 degrees (F).

This is where I got my phone call for me to go pick her up. About an hour later, she was picked up and back at home. And the fun of guessing began. I took her temperature again which read 101.2. I gave her something for the fever and she said her throat hurt. Daddy tried a cough drop but it burned. So, I made hot tea with honey instead.

She laid down and slept for the remainder of the day. Once into the night, I rechecked her and gave her medicine once again for fever. She began complaining about her throat hurting really bad and said she had a headache. (At this time, I became concerned.)

The next morning, we woke up and there wasn't a change. The fever was holding at 101 + and the pain was still there. She slept some more and her breathing began to sound rough. I kept trying to give her fluids throughout most part of the day and kept up with the fever meds. Towards the late afternoon, her fever spiked to 102.7 and she did nothing but cry. Daddy was at work at this time so I racked my brain on ways to help.

We tried a luke warm bath which didn't help. While I was putting on her clothes, her body broke out with a rash. I decided it was time to head to the emergency room. Now everything going on was beginning to scare me. I texted Daddy telling him she needed to go. Shortly after he came home and we left.

She cried on the way. She complained while waiting. All the while she laid on Daddy. The Nurses did what they needed to ... to get her checked in. Within an hour, we were put into a room. She laid on the bed complaining about wanting to go home and how bad her throat was hurting. The more she complained, the more I wanted to cry.

The doctor finally came in and asked her questions. She answered with the most simple answers she could. Dr finally decided to take a throat swab to see if she had Strep. Then, she ordered Motrin for her fever. The wait looked to be about 35 mins for the first set of results. The nurse came in and gave her the Motrin during our wait. Shortly after she took it, the fever began to come down and Emma returned more and more to her normal self.

She began joking around with Daddy by pulling his whiskers when he wasn't looking and being her funny little self. The Doctor came back in to tell us the results and asked Emma how she was feeling. Her reply, "See Mommy, I told you we shouldn't have come. All they do is ask questions and I haatteee questions." The Doctor took this as she was feeling a bit better while laughing.

We found out she has tonsillitis with a possible case of Strep. She was sent to an Ears, Nose, and Throat Doctor later in the week and given a steroid for her tonsils which are really big. They feel they need to come out.

So, after we get her meds in her for a day or so, we'll be calling the ENT for the next step. Hopefully, this will take care of her breathing problems while sleeping and she can finally rest.

Well, there's our update. Please add Emma to your prayers for a fast recovery with whatever she faces in the near future. Thanks for reading.



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